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Winnipeg (MB)

LeaderImpact provides a platform for local business leaders to develop their leadership abilities and explore the relevance of faith through uncommon opportunities and relationships that matter.

With its proud culture and storied history, this ethnically diverse city of more than 700,000 people has become famous for its festivals and events. Artists, musicians, architects and athletes have made their home here while Winnipeg’s strong economic climate has made it attractive for significant private sector investment. With one of the most diverse economies in Canada, it has attracted business leaders from virtually every sector, providing an ideal platform for leadership networking and development.


Downtown Group

Friday 7:00am
Stantec - 500-311 Portage Ave.
Facilitator: Eric Wiens

Fermor Group

Friday 7:00am
IDC Communications, 1385 Niakwa Road East
Facilitator: Lorne Plett, Justin Plett, Cam Rowland

Fermor Women’s Group

Thursday 7:00pm
IDC Communications, 1385 Niakwa Rd E
Facilitator: Ingrid Plett

River Heights

Thursday 7:00am
Integrity Painting - 171 Waterloo Street
Facilitator: Ron Klassen

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