What does it mean to become a member of a LeaderImpact Group? It simply means you’ve made a decision to invest in your own personal and leadership growth by attending a group regularly.

The expectations for group members are simple:

  • Commit to attend regularly and prepare for each meeting.
  • Contribute in a focused and disciplined manner to group discussions.
  • Respect other group members, sharing with and learning from them.
  • Support other LeaderImpact opportunities in your city, such as LeaderImpact Forums.

Members are invited to a variety of LeaderImpact events and receive updates on new programs and courses.

If you haven’t experienced a LeaderImpact Group yet, learn more.

Group Leaders

Have you been a group member for a while? Perhaps it’s time to consider investing into the lives of business leaders in your community by becoming a Group Leader. Group leadership presents an opportunity for you to leverage your success, influence, and expertise strategically and experience an even greater sense of fulfillment and significance.

LeaderImpact offers excellent support for Group Leaders, including leader-specific training and appropriate curriculum.  Learn more.