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Al Brandstatter

Senior Vice President, Investment Advisor, National Bank Financial; Toronto, ON

Award winning National Bank Financial Wealth Management (NBFWM) investment advisor, Albert Brandstatter wears his last name well. Having built his Toronto area wealth management business to where he was recognized as NBFWM’s Investment Advisor of the Year in 2010, Mr. Brandstatter became aware that the business and he had begun to flatline. Changes had to be made.

He consulted with a professional and engaged in a rebranding process, which has revitalized his business to where he currently manages over 350 million dollars in assets. The rebranding exercise helped produce a great ROI and rejuvenated his career.

But the rebranding benefits were not only on the business side. Albert is a person of faith and the experience he went through to revitalize his business also impacted his faith. He shares his story of professional and personal rebranding and how it shaped both his business and his faith.

Presentation Topic:
Rebranding: The New Reality

In a world where change is the only constant Albert Brandstatter realized that he had to rebrand himself and his business in order to not only survive, but thrive. Albert built his practice from being a clerk to managing over 300 million dollars in assets. “Everything was great, until the inevitable happened. Clients got older and started taking out money instead of putting it in!”

Albert also talks about how work overtook his family and how he faced his own personal crisis. “Though I didn’t realize it, I had subtly begun to worship my work. My family was slowly becoming a distant second.”

In 2010 Albert began the process of rebranding his business. It took longer than expected and was some of the hardest work he has ever done, but it was worth it!

Albert shares his story of personal and professional rebranding and how you can do it as well!