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Braden Douglas

Founder, CREW Marketing Partners; Surrey, BC
British Columbia

Braden Douglas is a renowned marketing strategist who has built a successful career as head of a dynamic marketing company and as a keynote speaker at international events and seminars. His agency, CREW Marketing Partners, is now one of the top five media and digital firms in British Columbia and one of the fastest growing agencies in Canada with offices in Surrey, Kelowna and most recently, Oakville, Ontario.

Braden launched his career in brand management with Procter & Gamble and Frito Lay and has pioneered a unique business model that combines marketing management with amazing creative execution for a full-service firm that’s a perfect fit for growth oriented organizations.

As a speaker and writer, Braden delivers practical and straightforward marketing, leadership and entrepreneurial advice to audiences around the world. His inviting, high energy and thoughtful style makes for an engaging address that will change the way you view your work and life.

Braden lives outside Vancouver, BC, with his wife and two children. He’s an avid reader, runner, sports fan and health enthusiast with a strong faith throughout all he does.

Presentation Topics:
Brand New Leadership
Giving Up Leadership
Never Throw a Bad Party Again
Making an Impact


Every leader desires to have and leave an impact on their areas of responsibility. But what does that really mean? What separates the successful leaders from the pack? Braden Douglas shares his own personal journey and lessons in building one of the fastest growing marketing firms in Canada and the lessons he’s learned from having worked with hundreds of business and organizational leaders.