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Christopher B. Hamade

President & CEO, CBH Captial Corp.; Vancouver, BC
British Columbia

Chris Hamade founded CBH Capital Corp., a boutique private equity firm focused primarily on real estate structured finance, in 2006. The firm is currently stationed in a 20-acre, hillside subdivision in the Fraser Valley, and Chris is constantly active in originating and structuring new deals.

Chris is defined by an entrepreneurial spirit and motivation to see ideas take shape. He is passionate about creating and loves working with new ingredients in his kitchen, exploring different destinations, and experiencing life outdoors.

Presentation Topic:
Lateral Thinking: The Low-Probability Approach to Problem Solving


  • How do you draw a circle with a dot in the centre without taking your pen off the paper?
  • Things aren’t always as they seem. It is important to pull back and focus.
  • Use logic and creativity as you process life. Challenge your point of view and engage your imagination.